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So lately my inner grandma has been released and my family has benefited gastronomically by having lots of yummy pies and desserts. I have always enjoyed baking pies and one of my fondest memories is of my grandma Jenny teaching me how to roll out a pie crust.
I have a lovely cherry tree that usually inspires a pie or two, however this year once again the birds have managed to time the precise day the cherries are ripe for picking and have cleaned off the whole tree. Thankfully the food coop in town had some lovely quarts of tart pie cherries, locally grown, and ungodly beautiful. They obviously have a better plan on how to beat the birds.
Part of my domestic godessness is due to my daughter Jessi’s being away at camp as a counselor, and only home on the weekends. And she needs cherry pie! Can’t let her have her first foray into the big world go without some reminders that there are good reasons to come home. So I think that I have one or two more pies, galettes or crisps to go before I move on and she is home for the rest of the summer.