lots of treats including a flourless chocolate cake

Caroles’ doubleweave

Michelles sweater in progress/ Denise’s weaving/Barb’s felted bag and Nan’s sweater for Ethan
Barb’s strip purse ala Doni’s Deli

Michelle’s embroidered piece/ Barb’s hemp towels/ birch bark woven purse/Carole’s knitting in progress

Carole’s stained glass and mosaic windows

This Mondays weavers group met at Carole’s warm and inviting home.  Michelle shared with us something that she had recently taken a class in.  It is called Zentangles and involves drawing (basically doodling) in a semi-structured way that takes away some of the fear of not being “artistic” enough.  Fun and somewhat addictive; I am looking forward to sharing it with my daughters.
As always, there was much chatting and sharing of projects and joy in being together, there have been too many snowbound days lately.  Winter seems to be having a hard time letting go.
Thanks Carole for sharing your wonderful soup and treats, your home and frienship always inspires me.