My booth

The best coffee in the world, locally roasted and boy did I need it Sat morning
some of my favorite artists including Ken and Michelle Workowski’s booth” The Nature of Things”

Linda Kennedy “Elk Run Handwovens and Joyce Krueger of Sunset Hill Studio/ both part of our weavers group.

The art fair puts on a great spread for the artists, Saturday after the fair.

This past weekend was such a lovely weekend, for the Driftless Area Art Festival.  Beautiful weather, good music and lots of great food, and being so close to home, lots of familiar faces.  And darn it all it just makes me want to do it again next year, although with a different plan; where I am not weaving like a crazy person all summer.
This week I have been returning to my domestic goddess status; dare I say good wife (hate, hate, hate that word!), where once again I am cooking actual meals, cleaning the bloody floor and letting friends gift me with boxes of tomatoes, since our garden once again failed to produce actual produce.
Wait…I think that I hear my empty looms calling my name….