This months 2nd Monday gathering was at Barbs home in Dell.  For me it was an excellent place to escape the endless dyeing and weaving I have been doing for 2 shows I have coming up in September.  Yikes it is almost Sept.  So this is a short one.
Thanks Barb and all for a great respite.  And kudos to Harry for another great garden, we enjoyed the “fruit” of your labor.

The sumac tea from Amy was good as well as all of the treats from Harry’s garden, and it doesn’t get any better than krumkake and ice cream on a hot day.

That’s a lot of cat ladies in one building.  There should be a law about that.  I especially like how the light hit the sign as Susan was holding it; as if it was a message from God.  Just my interpretation.

Sweet old valentine from Barb’s dad to her mom and a grandfathers discharge papers from WW1

Always idyllic at Barbs place.  The small building is her weaving studio and the upper right is peeling paint on a cabinet in her studio.  And it wouldn’t be summer without a tour of Harry’s garden and his famous, in my mind at least,  row of walkers supporting the tomatoes
ready for winter, with highs in the 90’s, it will be awhile.

Susans weaving with her beautiful new promo card and color swatches for inspiratio/  Barbs hats for charity/  Barbs weavng on the loom and more of Susan’s cloth.                                                                          

Barb is knitting this Habu pattern called Liesl so I can have it for a sample for my upcoming fiber show.  It is out of a linen paper cotton yarn.  It should be interesting to see how the Habu yarns sell.
Amy brought a stunning visitor.  I think her name is Florence, but as usual my memory is somewhat unreliable.  She has a better fashion sense than most of us.