Stained glass has been a passion of mine for about 30 years and I occasionally let go of the fiber obsession long enough to go into my studio at home and melt some glass. These are a few of the earrings I have fused in my kiln with dichroic glass and they will be going up at my etsy site soon. As you can hopefully see from my photography; this glass has some magical properties in the way that it transmits and reflects light. For the techie in you here is the explanation of how dichroic glass is made:
Dichroic glass has special properties that give it a color shift that transmits one color and reflects another color. Originally created by NASA, this high tech glass is created by applying layers of fine metal particles to the glass, while it is in a vacuum. Techie description for what in simple terms is just beautiful, with a light that seems to shine from within. The fusing process makes each piece one of a kind and a constant surprise every time that I open the kiln.