Westminster Abbey

Palace guard/ Hard to take these guys seriously in those hats

Tower of London


Cathedral in Bath

Roman baths; oddly enough in Bath, England


Kensington Palace Gardens
Big Ben/ Our hotel was just across the Westminster bridge from this

My family recently returned from a fast paced, wonderful week in London, filled with palaces, abbeys, cathedrals, fish and chips, cute black taxis, and big red double decker buses that always made me smile.  I found London to be an incredible city, obviously cosmopolitan but also so accessible via the tube (mind boggling engineering feat) , clean and friendly.  We were often obviously lost and someone always stopped to point us on our way.  And the British accent is such a delight to listen to everywhere, from the subway announcer warning you to “Mind the Gap” to the elevator telling us “door closing”. For some reason their accent makes them sound so much more intelligent and unflappable than how we sound to my ear.  God only knows how we sound to them.
As a person from such a young country I was in awe of the ages old history, architecture and for gods sake; kings and queens,  for real!  All of this antiquity preserved and still functioning all within a thoroughly modern city;  it seemed so civilized and organized.  I am not really sure how to express this in words but I felt like America has a ways to go in comparison;  in its priorities as a society and the preservation of its young history and art. 
Bloody hell,  I think maybe we need a queen! 
On a fibery note, I forgot to look for the yarn shops that I had googled and placed on a map on my phone.  The one called Loop looked especially good…guess I just have to go back sometime.