Seems like everything has gone into a waiting phase. Waiting for color, and warmth and the smell of dirt from the first rain. This black and white winter world has its own peaceful beauty but I am becoming impatient for a change. The trials of country living and having a very steep driveway have made this winter doubly challenging. Especially since I have been delegated “plow girl” status since my husbands accident. Too many thrills (cursing) plowing down our driveway, when the back end of the truck is going down faster than the front.
I told Jim to be ready to jump, cause if I feel like it; I’m out of there and he is on his own. Fair warning I think.
Little did I know that a highlight of this would be the sense of glee I get, everytime I get to slam the plow blade into a giant snowbank. Jim never told me there were such fun parts to this. However it is mostly edge of your seat, heart in your throat, freeze your butt off, work and I am happy to give him back his plow guy job. Although now knowing the amount of work that he has uncomplainingly put into our driveway for 17 years, I think I will be out there helping him throw the sand as we inch up our hill and maybe I’ll just run that truck into a snowbank anytime that I get the urge.