new work

rayon chenille cowl

I love the idea of a cowl draping around your neck with different layers showing depending on how it lays.  My original idea was to weave a double weave tube and join the edges, but I knew I wanted to do the rosepath inserts and it all started hurting my head; so I ended up putting on twice the length and switching to stripes at the halfway point.  Then after folding it in half I put in a twist and sewed the ends and edges together.  Thereby giving myself a whole different headache because I usually go to great lengths to not hand sew anything.  All in all I love the concept and how it turned out but it may be, one of those, one of a  kind things.

mobieus twist cowl

 old work

deflected doubleweave shawl

Alpaca, wool and alpaca silk woven and then felted.  Finally getting around to listing it on etsy. Here is the post with pictures of it in the works.