good friends…good food

This months 2nd Monday gathering was at my home, with a large turnout I was having a hard time keeping up with everyone’s show and tell.  This is a most productive group.  I will leave my spring scarf disaster for another post.  But everyone else’s projects were awesome. Below is a sampling of some of the fiber that was floating around my house, all of which I would of loved to have just stayed here!
I was feeling uninspired for making lunch so I offered to make desserts and coffee. Nobody seemed to suffer too much.  By the time I got around to taking a picture of the cinnamon apple cake, it was gone.  The biscotti suffered the same fate.  I did manage to get a picture of my  favorite,  crystallized ginger scones.  Recipe: here  There will be some heavy duty quilt when they find out just how much butter went into these treats.

cool scarf and overshot Barb found at Colonial Williamsburg

future rug of Denise’s and green guy from Barb’s recent trip to N. Carolina
Susan’s roly poly watching over Joanne’s sweet peeps

Elins wool roving rugs

Molly had a great time. Sorry, Kathy about your sandwich. She did leave you the pickles, though:)

Like minds
 Here is Barb pondering the universe.  This picture just cracks the both of us up.

Michelle is looking great wearing multiple woolies. These were new rosepath bags by Joanne and an applique rag rug.  The fun and funky basket by Evan is woven from leftovers in the construction of their house.  These people are such a treasure and an inspiration, they fill my heart and my mind is a swirl of new ideas.  Darn, I just remembered how lovely Jan’s black tencel huck lace scarf was.  I forgot to get a picture; but I must fight my multicolor obsession and do something equally simple and elegant. Can’t wait to see what next month’s gathering brings, thanks everyone!