Spring garage sales hit town last weekend; and while my real reason to go into town was to mail off a skein of yarn I had sold on etsy (yea!), I managed to hit a few sales. And voila a whole box of  wool yarn was just sitting there waiting for me, calling me to not leave one skein behind.  And how could I choose, the colors are so yummy.
So for my skein that I sold I came home with 29 new skeins.  I was going to hide it in my stash before dear hubby came home but spent so much time admiring it on my pretty flowered table cloth, that I was kind of caught in the act of fondling and photographing.
So supper was delayed until my daughter scooped the pile up and unceremoniously dumped everything into a basket, thereby breaking my yarn spell.
In my defense, I was going to dye up some wool yarn, that Joanne had shared with our weavers group, for a krokbragd project; but now I have all sorts of colors to play with.  I can krokbragd till the cows come home.  Don’t anyone burst my bubble and tell me I have spelled krokbragd wrong, cause I am pretty impressed with myself for not having to look it up even though it is making my spell checker go crazy.