As expected when I decided to invite the weavers to my house for our April get together, there was a threat of snow overnight. If you know my driveway, you don’t invite friends over when it might be snow covered; and have them remain friends. However all turned out well and it even warmed up enough to drag our chairs onto the porch and do some sun basking along with some eagle watching. News flash: we climbed the hill the other day to see the nest a bit closer and this year we actually saw some chicks. Oh glorious day! I am very proud for my eagle parents. They have been diligently siting on the nest since mid February.

Rachel was brave enough to join us for a refresher spinning attempt after having taken my beginner spinning class at our fall fiber fest. And I am happy to say that yarn was created! I hope that she is able to join us again.

There was so much good food and merriment in abundance that I forgot to take very many pictures. I did get one of my Apple Cake (recipe from The Smitten Kitchen), while it was in the pan cause I had little faith in it actually coming out of the pan. It did and was pretty tasty. Her cookbook has been inspiring some fun eating, although the popcorn cookies got mixed reviews from my family. It seemed genius to me also that two of my favorite snacks would be even better as one.

All in all life is good. A temporarily clean house, another white warp on the loom (got to get off this white kick), three looms with something on them ( not saying that the boundweave has been on the Glimakra for at least a year) and eagles drifting on the sweet smelling spring breezes. Ahhh…

Bald eagle

Mississippi river,  ice free and beautiful

Magnolia tree just starting to bloom
Denise’s twill weaving’s, Kris’s needle felted guy and my apple cake

the last prom…bittersweet
Winter Birches scarf in linen, silk,alpaca and cotton with bamboo inlay
Popcorn cookies…good in theory