Well winter is still here, as I write this we are looking to see more -15 degrees temperatures coming back this weekend even though it will officially be March. But then again we have had some great snowfalls and beautiful blue skies. Spring always comes…right?
Our weavers group met once again at our local food coops community room, with lots of energy and some great  works in progress  or finished objects to share with the group. Olga was getting ready to present a memoir about her grandmother, a painter to her Sunday Morning discussion group.  The photos of some of the 70 paintings that she shared with us were inspiring.  Especially as I am just getting brave enough to give watercolor a try.
Next month we are planning a road trip to see the Helen Louise Allen Textile Exhibition at the School of Human Ecology at UW Madison.  Should be fun.

a beautiful winter day, complete with eagles

blue rose scarf

my blue rose scarf, another Bateman weave threading with some creative treadling.

Barb B’s waffle weave towels

a lovely picture book from Judith’s winter stay in a small cabin where she worked on some beautiful weavings

Barb M’s lined mittens and winter quilt top underway

Barb B’s has joined the Livestock Conservancy to explore and support rare sheep breeds

Elin’s rugs/ Kathleen’s prize winning silk tie dyed eggs/ Janet’s heart twill/ Kathy’s newest vest fabric off the loom

Judith’s book of the Folly Cove designers. A group of women making incredible block prints on textiles from 1941-1969. The lady in the bottom right pic is jumping on a block to print it. I tried it on my last block print without success.

winter birches card

winter birches card I sent to a friend