Our 2nd Monday weavers group met at my friend Carole’s lovely home. Her gardens are a delight to explore and it is obvious why weaving is not a priority during the summer gardening months. It made me want to go home and give my plants a little pep talk.  I picked a bad day to forget my good camera and had to resort to my iphone but that just left me more time to fondle the many finished weaving’s and knitting that lay scattered on every flat surface.  Barb M. finished her lace sweater from the book New Lace Knitting by Romi Hill and Barb B’s card woven purse from the March/April 2016 issue of Handwoven.  Both projects drool worthy and to be added to my never ending queue of projects to start.  I am writing this a couple of weeks after our gathering and my fiber fix is wearing off… looking forward to July’s meeting and I better get weaving that last monks belt off my loom. Thanks Carole for hosting a fun day.

Judith’s crackle throw



kitchen treats

kitchen treats.  Carole made great tacos with all the fixins.

Susan's scarves

Susan’s scarves and Amy’s sculpture surveying her fiber kingdom.

Anita's first rug

Anita’s first rug, job well done!

Carole's garden

Carole’s gardens…sigh

Susan's scarves

Susan’s scarves and a peak of my monks belt table runner

Elin and Anita's weavings

Anita’s twill rug/Elin’s rosepath pillows and monks belt table runner and a new wool shawl.