//Supplementary warp scarf

Supplementary warp scarf

This lovely scarf has a rich ethnic look and I hope to do lots more in this style. The supplementary warp definately slowed down the weaving, but is worth the extra effort. A supplementary warp means that when I wound the warp I had the ribbons hanging off the back of the loom, so they could be under their own tension. It looks a little crazy in the back of the loom and I haven’t decided if I need to buy an extra warp beam if I’m going to do lots of these scarves. I hand dyed this ribbon for the supplementary warp, and I love the extra dimension they give to the scarf. Right now I am tying a blue version of this scarf onto the ends left in the heddles. It’s supposed to cut down on the time for threading the heddles and sleying the reed but since I have done just about everything possible wrong, I’d say that the jury is out on whether I’ll be doing this again any time soon. This scarf just went up on my etsy shop

Fibers: Silk, bamboo, tencel, rayon, cotton

This is what the back of my loom looked like with a lot of supplementary warp of novelty yarns, that I used in this rayon chenille scarf. Scary…

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  1. Susan Johnson May 6, 2008 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    Imagine my surprise to find your new blog on a link from Weaving Finlander! What a world. Your photos are lovely, and I hope you won’t regret starting a blog. That’s a pretty scarf, too.

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