In a never ending quest to drive myself insane I am in two fairs on back to back weekends. The first was in Jefferson Wi and involved lots of dyeing, spinning and melting of dichroic glass for buttons, often into the wee hours of the night. I managed to get away from the booth long enough to take a peek at the vendors, to get a few sheepy pictures and to see David Kier doing his sheep shearing demo. Thank you to my friend Nan for helping on Saturday or it would have been 3 very long days.
Now I am happily back to weaving in preparation for the Driftless Art Fair this weekend in Soldiers Grove, Wi. I am hoping to get the 2 bamboo scarves and 2 linen purses off my looms, but time will tell. It has been a less than productive year this year.

My friend and helper Nan trying to find just the right hat. Below are pictures of my booth. Dichroic glass buttons are my newest addition.