winter wonderland
some christmas cheer

such a fun studio to photograph
great lentil soup and treats

more of Amy’s work
Elin modeling my scarf and showing her knitted scarf
a color filled and charming house
Denise’s lacy woven scarf

old textiles and patterns
made me smile

 Amy is an artist I have long admired so it was doubly wonderful for our weavers group to be invited to her house on a beautiful snowy morning. You can find Amy’s work at or along with her talented woodworker husband at their etsy store.  Some peoples work just makes me happy and hers is one. 
Her home is filled with artwork from many artist friends, and the many traces of her young children made me miss those hectic, beautiful years.  I loved catching glimpses of her boys through the windows;  all bundled up, out sledding; before they were whisked away for a trip to town.
Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life and for a group of women with whom it is a pleasure to spend an afternoon with.