//goodbye winter

goodbye winter

I am ready to shed my winter self and smell dirt and feel the sun on my skin. No more frost in my scarf after my morning walk and good riddance long johns; I’ve seen my first worm! It has been so beautiful and peaceful on some recent foggy days, with the last snow losing its grip on our land, that I had to take some pictures on the way home. If there were fewer things calling to me to finish; I could see myself wandering the fields and hills with my camera, absorbing the change in the season.
I will try to be patient as I await my first siting of the great blue heron pair that nest on our stream and as the first flowers inch their way out of the ground. It is all too likely that we will see more snow before spring truely arrives but today I threw the doors open and saw the first bits of green grass poking through the mud. For me it is a time of hope and renewal, hopefully spring is finding you too.

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  1. Joanne March 15, 2010 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    I saw my first Sandhill cranes on Friday, planted my first seeds (lettuce and radishes) in the garden yesterday, hiked for three hours, sunny and 50 degrees) on the reserve yesterday, and know it is here. As much as I love winter the onset of spring is so joyful. I plan a bike ride today…ah, life is good.

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