I’m not sure why this rag ball is so beautiful, but it certainly calls to me. Jan is taking apart a rag rug treasured in her family and made by a family friend. It will be a wonderful way to honor this womens work by prolonging its life with a new warp.
Our 2nd Monday was full of good food, friends and lots of fiber. Joyce Krueger and Susan of Avalanche Looms , both visited, and showed off new woven treasures. They always fill us with new ideas and inspiration for projects to come. And speaking of inspiration; Joyce brought with her Earlene Otto who joined us with her spinning wheel and filled her third bobbin despite being legally blind. I hope that she is able to be with us again. One of our members, Carole, is weaving on a 60″ Glimakra that was sold to her by a blind man. Knowing how I frequently struggle with weaving; I can’t imagine doing it blind. However the fiber bug does seem to be part of who I am, so perhaps I would find a way too.