beautiful bread by Jean
lots of oh’s and ah’s for Susan’s fabric

a freakin bolt of handwoven fabric by Susan

 Elins wool cord rug/ rayon scarf/ lovely linen scarf/Book featuring her Danish friend
Susan’s rag hemp and linen weave
my wool and silk honeycomb scarf on the loom

Molly looking for tummy rubs

It seems like the November winds have brought us winter, snow and all; for this months 2nd Monday gathering at my house.  A bit of a shock after having the doors open Saturday with 65 degree temps.
We had good bread, my favorite squash pear soup and lots of laughter to keep us warm.  It was fun to show Amy my different work areas although if I had showed her one more thing that I like to do,  I think her head would have exploded. And it was sad to say good bye to our good friend Joyce who is moving and on to new adventures. Glad to hear she is taking a couple of looms along with her.