What with the weather one minute having me cheer the robins and the start of spring and the next getting my longjohns back out for a 10 degree F morning walk, I was very thankful for our weavers gathering at my friend Carole’s house.
I don’t know of a home that more reflects the artful, family centered, natural lifestyle that permeates this home.  A large part of that is due to the nurturing that Carole brings to her family, in everything that she does.  From the healthy and vital food, often preserved from her incredible gardens, to the beauty that fills her home inside and out, it is a respite from a world moving too fast and sometimes, as we see in the recent headlines, too violently.
What she has given her kids is something to be looked back on and cherished: once they realize what a  special place they grew up in. I can’t think of a better base to build on, as they make their own marks on the world.
As always with this group of women…I am inspired.  We even sang a joyful song or two.  Thanks Amy for sharing your passion for song.  Song, food, friends and fiber;  hard to leave without a smile on your face:)

Kris’s needlefelted doll looks pretty pleased with herself on my wool/alpaca pinwheel scarf

Susan’s fabric and new handwoven pouches

Spring at Carole’s
Judith’s beautiful fabric, Elin’s in her naturally dyed sweater and Olga’s handpainted silk scarf

Elin’s rayon scarves
our youngest fiber lady, CiCi, knitting a cowl and her felted purse made by her friend.  Good to see the fiber arts going strong in the younger generation.