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8 10, 2008

domestic goddess

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After major guilt about abandoning house and family; while weaving like a maniac in September, to prepare for assorted fiber fairs; I am officially hanging up my domestic goddess apron and getting back to weaving. The house has never been cleaner ...thanks Nance and Chris for visiting...and I have even gone so far as to [...]

18 07, 2008

Carole’s Krokbragd

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What a treat to see this rug coming off the loom. It is truly a beauty. This is where having a good fabric stash comes in handy; since this was done in fairly fine rags instead of the more traditional wool. It is a swedish weave using three shafts (in this case), called Krokbragd...hopefully spelled [...]

18 07, 2008

Great balls of ???

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I'm not sure why this rag ball is so beautiful, but it certainly calls to me. Jan is taking apart a rag rug treasured in her family and made by a family friend. It will be a wonderful way to honor this womens work by prolonging its life with a new warp.Our 2nd Monday was [...]

2 07, 2008

Where in the world is Jan?

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I would like to introduce you to our final, original member of our studio group. Jan Rasikas is a beginning weaver with a loom that is old enough to have seen lots more weaving than all of us in our group, combined. I wish that it could share some of its weaving memories, although the [...]

5 06, 2008

Kathleen Aaker of Riverweave Studio

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I would like to introduce you to Kathy Aaker of Riverweave Studio. She has been with our fiber group for most of this, our first year. Although she is leaving our studio, I am sure that she will continue to inspire and encourage us in our endeavors. With her more than 20 years of weaving [...]

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