Some yarns have history, so before I list this yarn on etsy I thought I would share with you the journey this yarn has taken, some of which will remain a mystery.
It started on a beautiful fall day, while demonstrating spinning at a local art fair, I was playing with one of my drum carded batts of blended fiber. Mohair, wool and alpaca in lovely shades of cream, browns, rust, black and just enough bursts of red to keep it interesting. Without a real “funky yarn” plan for this I just spun in my favorite relaxing, don’t have to think about it, zen like, “it will be what it will” be style. I need to do more of this kind of spinning which ends up being fairly fine yarn, even when it is plied with 2 strands together. It is just good for my head to just let my fingers talk to the fiber and leave my brain on vacation. However it is a harder yarn to market because of the time involved in spinning so fine; so more and more lately I am spinning thick and funky; which is fun too, just invoves a lot more thought and concentration.
Anyways I digress, which is ok since I blog to mostly talk to myself, and am then mildy amused when I hear that PEOPLE actually read my blog on occasion. Sort of embarrasing really. So digressing again….
I spun this yarn, truly loved it, admired it, procrastinated about putting a price to it and listing it on etsy; and basically just moved it from here to there, in the shop and at home to appreciate it in different settings. Then life took a chaotic turn and most things fiber took a back seat, just some occasional knitting to keep me sane, and once in awhile popping into the studio to sit at the loom and throw a few shots. It was probably a few months before I got back to putting regular hours into working at the studio. And I got to thinking about where that skein of yarn had gotten to. I couldn’t find it at home or at the studio and just put it down to one of the many things I seem to misplace that I figure will turn up eventually.
Then while taking the broom making class at the studio on a Saturday morning, a lady walked in holding my yarn in front of her. Aha, there it is. I thought maybe she had bought it, while I wasn’t there, and needed it wound into a ball or some such thing. It turns out that she had rescued it from the middle of the street, in front of the shop and had held onto it for months until she happend to be driving by on one of the few Saturdays that I had the open sign out. The label looked a little the worse for wear (run over actually) but the yarn seems to have survived it’s little adventure away from the studio just fine. With a little wash and just a little more placing it here and there, I should be ready soon to put it up for sale. Not all of my yarns lead such interesting lives. Then again who knows what they do after they leave my hands.