I know if my kids see this blogs title, there will be heavy duty eye rolling and groans.  But hey this time, I’m waiting on some baby eagles.  The eagle nest on our property has been moved into; and one of the pair has for the last month, always been sitting in the nest.  I see “her?” white head poking out of the nest every time I go on my morning walk.  And  I frequently see her mate in the Jessi or Rachel tree, (forgot to tell the girls I named the 3 huge trees in the valley after them) looking down the valley.
On my husbands birthday we decided to walk up our logging trail to see if we could see them closer and see if any babies were in the nest.  First we walked directly under the nest, hoping to find the remains of some of their meals but only saw bird poop.  Then bushwacking up the hill to the trail we were level with the nest but could only see her tail feathers.  She left the nest briefly and did a breathtaking ariel dance with her mate.  Seeing her land back in the nest made me think there were no babies cause I assume that is when we would have seen and heard them squawking for food.
Needless to say I took a few pictures; cursing that I didn’t have my longer lens on my camera.  I hope you enjoy the ones I did get. I think this visual treat, was the best birthday gift my hubby has ever gotten.  He would probably say his guitar was though…

you looking at me?
the white streak in the lower part of the photo is our road
the top photo is directly under the nest

In the spirit of full disclosure, while this last picture is one of my favorites, it is straight out of the camera, unprocessed;  taken on a bright sunny day.  Thereby showing a lack of intelligence on the part of my camera and or myself.  I had lots of these magical eerie ones mixed in with the blue sky ones; all of which involved doing a “where’s Waldo” find the eagle in this image game.