//weavers spring gathering

weavers spring gathering

Susan’s shop and studio is always a visual delight

Carole’s glass mosaic pot
Two must get books

Good eats, especially the dehydrated kale chips

Susan’s rag rug/ Elin’s baby sweater/ Barb’s quilt/ Amy’s hand carved doll to be

 This months weavers gathering was held at Avalanche Looms.  Susan’s colorful, fiber filled, shop and studio provided a much needed jolt of color and inspiration to hopefully get back to the loom myself.   With the days getting longer, the temperatures skyrocketing (76 degrees today), it seems like spring is a real possibility.  My rational mind knows that March in Wisconsin is fair game for anything weather wise,  but that doesn’t stop me from cheering each robin and enjoying every lovely whiff of dirt that comes my way.  Savor spring wherever you are, unless of course it is winter there.

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