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winter gathering at Bonnie’s

Our weavers meeting this month was at Bonnie’s house with the enticing invite to see her winter lambs.  It was great to see Bonnie again and share her hospitality and I never pass up a chance to see babies of any kind.
Check out Pine Knob Organics on instagram for some truly inspired photography of the critters and life on the farm.  It is so obvious to me how loved and well cared for these animals are and certainly reflects on the people caring for them.  It is this kind of small family farm that needs to continue.  Not the massive CAFO’s or the huge hog slaughtering facility that is trying to get established in the  Viroqua, Wi area.  With an anticipated 400,000 hogs slaughtered per year and no good outlet for processing the plant wastewater, it is a cause of concern to many that live in this area.
Judging from the pile of hand knits and weavings on the table after show and tell, it has been a productive month for some of us.  I personally am just getting the urge to weave all the things again…we will see what next month brings.  These meetings are nothing if not inspiring to get something off the loom to share will our wonderful and talented group.

winter walk

2nd Monday at Bonnie's

weaving, laughing with friends, good food..it is hard to say which is more important

2nd Monday at Bonnie's

a tree that takes my breath away

2nd Monday at Bonnie's

Bonnie’s rug with some wonderful color choices, Frankie the pug on a rug/ Barb B’s lovely tea cosy/ Judith’s wedding scarf with a fun inset/ Bonnie’s rug/ Denise with what you do when your last bit of weaving is too small for a cowl

2nd Monday at Bonnie's

gonna go see some lambs.
Rachel is bringing her own sweet lamb

2nd Monday at Bonnie's

Carole’s beautiful peacock twill/ Judith finished her hand knit skirt/ a lovely entry in Judith’s art journal/ Olga showing her skirt of many colors and a sweater she reconstructed/ and last but not least the “let me in cat”

2nd Monday at Bonnie's

a tree that inspires hugs

2nd Monday at Bonnie's

my transparency and a pile of woven and knit goods to make your heart sing.

2nd Monday at Bonnie's

goat face

Barb M’s lined mittens and Barb B’s tea cosy/ Mary’s line huck?/ Kathy’s twill fabric

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  1. Judith February 25, 2018 at 8:36 pm - Reply

    a beautiful summary of our beautiful day! thank you to all!

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