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Bound weave for the new year

This bound weave sampler has been a long time in the making.  I think once I figured out how the patterns are designed and realized how slow of a process this weaving was going to be, I lost my mojo.  Maybe a downside in having 3 looms set up is that I can ignore one for a couple of years with little guilt.  Winter tends to be my time to try new things and I want this bound weave off of my glimakra so that I can give rep weave a try.  I might speed up the remainder of the warp by using rags for a couple of rugs.  Or since it is threaded in rose path I might retie up the treadles and weave off some rosepath rugs in some of the wool I brought home from the Faribault Woolen Mill.

Anyways we will see because recently I have been inspired by friends Judith and Evan to start an art journal.  I haven’t done any drawing or painting since I was in my 20’s and it is really all I want to do now.  I’ve even been playing with watercolor, something I always thought was too intimidating. That’s one advantage in getting older; it is time to let go of your fears and just do it.  We’ll see if I am brave enough to post more of the work I have been doing on the blog. It is certainly great to have new things to learn and be excited about this time of year when winter just seems to drag along. I hope you too find joy in new adventures.



learning the damascus edge/ designing bound weave on my iPad and on graph paper

blue skies

it pays to look up. Such a beautiful winter sky.


new sketchbook

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