Not in that order….

Susan’s house blessing window transperancy
Spring like flowers made with paper
Joanne’s sewn cap and pincushions

Here are the friends part

Barb’s newest creations

food was great, Joanne’s Naan bread and my ginger scones
Indian bread called Naan, baked by Joanne.  

This months 2nd Monday gathering was at my house.  There was some lovely show and tell; ie Barb  has been busy.  Joanne brought some of her recent sewing projects and Susan showed off her inspiratioal house blessing weaving;, made with linen and rya paper flowers.  These never fail to take my breath away.  We enjoyed some springtime quiches and Joannes Indian Naan bread was delightful. the recipe for her bread is on her blog.  I will be giving this a try as soon as I get ahead of the weeds in my flower gardens.
  Everything is a good 2 weeks ahead of schedule in the blooming and weeding department.  The great blue herons have returned to the stream and I usually startle them in the morning when I take my walk.  I have my eyes open for the first hummingbirds, that are usually here about May 4th. Life is sweet right now, the hills are the verdant newly born green colors that are so soothing to the eye.  Briefly enjoyed before the heavy lushness of the summer greens take over.  I am still not far enough away from the icy white and grays of winter to truly believe that we are home free in the green department.    Yesterdays frost was a gentle reminder to be thankful for each bud as it appears and to be vigilant with the annuals that I couldn’t resist buying and planting.  The white sheets have been out a few times, to protect them from the frost and I am already tiring of bringing my chosen ones into the house at night.  Soon they will just have to fend for themselves. Life goes on…or I buy new plants.