Susan’s shop near Columbus, Wi. was a drool worthy spring outing,for a couple of my fiber buds and I; well worth the 2 hour drive.  A nondescript pole shed in the country, jam packed with enough color, fiber and books to keep us occupied for a quite a few hours.  We only left to go have lunch at about 3:00 and since I didn’t even take much time with her hundreds of books, I think I will have to make another trip soon.
If you have never seen her at a fiber show or been to her shop, there is only one Susan, she is a force of nature as far as yarnies go. Lots of fun to see her in her home environment. queen of her awe inspiring fiber stash. I never got anywhere close to the inventory she has, when I had my yarn shop. Of course I have never had the energy that she does!

I did enhance my fiber stash just a bit, enough to inspire a couple of new scarves that are on the loom now.  I was most inspired by the silk sari ribbon and had a hard time only taking 2 colors.  Silk dyes so vibrantly!  I will post soon about these scarves.