Winding a warp with a paddle is a great, fast way to wind a multi colored warp. With some help from an article in Handwoven and the winding station my husband made me for christmas; it worked out fairly well.  My rayon chenille scarf was set at 12 epi, and I was in the mood for red, so with a separate cone or spool for each end, what started out looking like a tangled mess, eventually came to some order.  The key is to maintain an even tension and not panic, as I did, when you start getting too close to the edge of the pegs and tthreads start falling off the edges of the pegs.  Fortunately one of my daughters came to my aid with an extra set of hands, cause one thing you don’t want to do is set the warping paddle down until you are finished.
As with every weaving project, there is another lesson learned.  One of the good things about this blog is perhaps it will help me remember those lessons learned.