Linen twill
some of Nan’s knitting projects , some UFO’s for longer than she cares to remember/ and lots of great artwork at Nans’ house.
Barb’s angel with attitude

Beautiful,old hooked wool rug from Newfoundland.  Kathy says: I found out through a link Jean  sent me that the Grenfell piece is actually hooked. It was an interesting read about how they set up this industry in Labrador to help the local economy.
The gradations in color, called abrash (a new word for me), was more common in the earlier pieces.
Susan’s rag rug from the past, home for a visit
Rosepath rug of Carole’s moms

 Carole brought this to show us the exquisite workmanship in what we believe may have been a watch fob, made from the hair of Carole’s grandmother in the 1900’s.

Baba Studio bag with a removable front panel.  Good idea for some handwovens

 This months fiber lovers/weavers gathering was at Nan’s house.  I always love to be there, in part because she has such a great eye for color throughout her home and also a wonderful collection of art.  I definitely have to go to more art fairs with her.
Other than Barb, with her sassy angel, I don’t know if many of us have been too productive.  We showed off lots of fiber treasures though.  From woven rugs and mementos of Carole’s moms treasures, to needlepoint tapestries from Newfoundland to some lovely knitting projects from Nan’s UFO bin, we are at least thinking about color and fiber.  All good inspiration to tuck under my bonnet, and hopefully pull out during what will be a long winter.
Thanks Nan for hosting this months group.  Too bad you cleaned the whole house cause we seemed glued to the kitchen.  We will look forward to the next meeting that you have being in your new house!  Are you excited yet?
We nominated a visit to Elin’s house in Madison, with a possible side trip to the infamous Susan’s Fiber Shop, for our meeting next month. Of course Elin was not in attendance to yea or nay this,  but I’m thinking she will be pleasantly surprised.