This months weavers gathering was hosted by Janet and Tony at their condo in LaCrosse right across from a lovely garden and the Mississippi River.  It didn’t take us long to take over the community room tables with piles of handwovens and yarny goodness. Lots of great food, as always but I especially loved the cherry pie Tony had baked from Balaton cherries.

I had fun showing the  diversity of 2 new scarves from the same Bateman weave scarf threading that I had used on my previous St Andrew’s cathedral scarf.  A pattern from the book Weaving Innovations from the Bateman Collection.  Now that I am finished with that warp,  I am itching to put on a much longer warp and just play around with the patterns.  Especially when I have more time and am not trying to weave fast for an upcoming art fair.

Barb B’s pink and gray overshot scarf was particularly inspiring.  Looks like overshot has captured me too, although I am still not a fan of  2 shuttle  weaving.

I had seen a picure of Judith’s blue crackle weave warp is it was getting threaded; on Instagram and it most certainly didn’t disappoint.  I knew it would be a thing of beauty.

Barb M had recently been in New York City and at at a museum (I forget which) and came home with a poster sized piece of paper which showed  pictures with the number of people killed in one week in our country, by gun related violence. Sobering. She said there were stacks of these. At least someone is trying to make us aware of the gun violence that is rampant in the US.  I wish our politicians would get onboard with figuring out a solution to this.

Judith’s, hot off the loom crackle weave. This is even more stunning in person.


images of people killed by gun violence in one week in the US

Barb B’s next warp/ table runners by Elin and two of Kathy’s recent ponchos

View from the community room at Jan’s condo in LaCrosse and a pic of some of the great food.

My Bateman weave scarves and their hang tags ready for the Driftless Area Art Festival. I am kind of wanting to keep at least one of these.

new weaver Biddy’s first weaving and Barb B’s overshot




camisole by Anne Marie and socks by Barb M. And a particularly serene page from Judith’s art journal