This honeycomb scarf has been off the loom for awhile now.  I don’t often weave with wool and I thoroughly enjoyed this, especially how substantial and alive the finished fabric feels. Partly because the wool crepe that outlines the honeycombs gives the scarf just a bit of collapse and texture.  I wove this knowing that the long floats on the back would maybe be a wear-ability problem.  It turns out though, that I like that side just about as much as the front.  I will have to sell these with a disclaimer about taking care when wearing with jewelry, etc.  So now I can cross honeycomb off the to do list; at least for awhile. Stll on the list is weaving with some of my new Habu yarns, boundweave and exploring collapse weave, oh and maybe I will break down and do some rep weave after being inspired by the new book, Custom Woven Interiors by Kelly Marshall.  We’ll see..