welcome to Sno-Crush

prairie grass rep weave by Kathy Aaker
knitwear by Annie Larson. bowls by Peter Doval

quilt by Susan’s quilt circle

my handspun and handwovens
Jean Becks aprons with knitwear by Annie Larson

Mittens by barb Monroe and bowl by Peter Doval

doll sculptures by Amy Arnold

vest by Kathy Aaker

Doubleweave and scarves by Carole Austin.

Handspun by me

The textile show at Avalanche Looms was such a visual treat it was hard to leave and I may have to go hang out there again just to absorb more of the fiber vibes.  It is amazing to see the different directions we go in our fiber creations, yet at the same time are always connected by our love of the medium and the desire to create.  Something about seeing these artists (and friends) together, so artfully  displayed by the talented Susan, has made me even prouder to be a weaver.  So thanks Susan, it is always welcome to get a burst of joy over weaving, cause as we well know there are moments when it is only logical to wonder what the heck we are doing this for.