This month’s weavers gathering was at Judith’s new home.  It’s just around the corner from her previous home and seems to be the perfect fit for her.  I wish I had been there to see her and Susan getting her Glimakra Julie loom out of the old place and carried down the street to its new home.  I would have definitely  wanted to get a few pictures of that.  Perhaps it is almost as good picturing it in my imagination.
There is not a spot in her new home that doesn’t reflect the creative artistic  woman who now lives there. The textiles and paintings throughout her home make it feel as though she has been living there for years.  Thanks Judith and everyone for a wonderful day of laughter, cherries and inspiration.
I tried really hard to get my current yardage off the loom to show the group but somehow it just seemed to never end.  I’m pretty sure that I put on more than I was really intending to.  Probably an epic math fail.
I’m still trying to visualize what I am going to sew this fabric into.

yarn and art about yarn, doesn’t get any better than that

Judith’s weaving on her looms and more inspiration

after lots of discussion it was decided this lovely wildflower is jewelweed

art inspiration everywhere

lovely hydrangeas

My rosepath yardage finally off the loom

Barb B’s sunny scarf, Kathy’s bag, Susan’s scarf, Kathy’s jacket and Judith’s handwoven curtain fabric

The perfect drawing and painting and dreaming nook