So finally the dyeing is done, the truck was packed and I was on my way to the fair. The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI. And then I turned around to go back for the sweater I had just finished the night before. Good thing I did, cause I found the three other things I had also forgotten.

So before, I get into taking all of the cool sheepy and fiber picstomorrow; I thought I would share some of the before pics.

Yarn color naming is always a fun part of the process and this year my favorite was zombie apocalypse. I do love me some zombies!

Zombie apocalypse on the skein winder with hello bunny. That just cracks me up.
The blue yarns are from the same dye pot/ 2 different yarn bases/also went all Jackson Pollock on some yarn.
Three of the same color way. The back skein has not been reskeined.
Some new fiber cards from my photos
Favorite new yarn bases


More new cards