It wouldn’t be summer, without a lazy day, sitting on the porch at Barb and Harry’s home; which is exactly what our weavers group did for our 2nd Monday gathering. Lots of projects to share, laughter and of course great food. Barb is as inspired of a cook as she is a weaver. I’m still trying to recreate the ricotta zucchini pizza that was so memorable.

Is that cat winking at me?/ Denise weaving on the porch

And what would summer be without a jaw dropping tour of Harry’s garden. From the endless row of tomatoes supported by recycled walkers, to the beautiful white cucumbers I gladly brought home, it is wonderment to me. Suffice it to say that my gardens at home do not compare. It is always good to have goals to aspire towards.

Susan’s curtains and square scarf in Swedish lace

This is Denise modeling my collapse weave scarf in tencel and bamboo and the shawlette Bolt knit with my hand dyed Bambino yarn. Anna is trying on one of Susan’s,of Avalanche Looms, square Swedish lace scarves.

Elin’s vest fabric/Bonnie’s yarn/Barb’s sweater in progress/and Jan’s tee shirt rug

Here is a happy birthday shout out to two good friends, whose birthdays are next week. The above mentioned Barb and my Seattle (lurking) bud, Nance. Kick up your heels and whatever you do, don’t act your age…