Our April weavers gathering met at Denise’s sweet brick farmhouse in Gays Mills. With the sounds of  geese honking and the rush of the Kickapoo River nearby, spring’s abundance was everywhere.
As a spring celebration we came bearing eggs to learn how to dye them with pieces of silk fabric.  Denise showed us how to wrap the eggs tightly with silk fabric and then top with a stretchy fabric and rubber bands to hold it tight to the egg.  After a 20, or so, minute boil in water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar added we were like kids in a candy store, unwrapping our creations.  Unpredictable and mostly lovely, were our results. It was a fun way to focus our usually scattered and raucous group.
Spring is always such a joyful time and it was a delight to spend this day with our fiber buddies.

silk dyed easter eggs

through the window

Denise’s overshot pillows

Elin’s double binding rugs/ my deflected doubleweave scarf and Barb B’s overshot scarf/Anne Marie admiring Denise’s weaving

Denise’s weavings and Barb B’s overshot bamboo scarf

lots of color to soak up

around the house