With our lovely fall colors comes a plethora of artist studio tours to tempt me from getting back to weaving. This year hubby and I did the Fresh Art Tour in west central WI. I had so much fun talking with two weavers in Alma, WI that I almost didn’t make it to the actual tour. Marcia Kjos and her daughter were delightful to talk to, but with my husband circling the block; I think I should come back with my fiber group and hang out with them some more.

The very next day, two friends and I headed across the river to the Northeast Iowa Studio Tour. I have attended this tour for many years and am always happy to see new work from favorite artists. I will be back to weaving soon, if this lovely fall doesn’t keep distracting me.

Stitching by Marcia Cook/ block print by Bonnie Koloc/ weaver Rebecca Kobos/ pAinter Fred Easker


Marcia Kjos weaving studio in Alma WI


Black Cat Fiber Studio

Sculpture by Stanton Sears and Andrea Myklebust


Sculpture studio

Sculpture by Stanton Sears and Andrea Myklebust



So many lovely spots in Marcia Kjos weaving studio