wool into spring

In my warped (hey, that’s a  good pun) way of thinking I am weaving and knitting everything  I can that is wooly and warm; in the hopes that it will trick spring temperatures into returning to normal.  It has been cold and dreary and if it keeps up I will be wearing the black and white slipped stitch cowl that I am knitting.  Even though it is cashmere, I think I’d rather just have spring return.  I also just pulled the rest of the alpaca and wool  spot weave  cowls off the loom and am really liking how they look all piled up.  Mostly I just like how piles of handwoven fabric looks.  Seeing that cushy soft pile makes me want to make a version wide enough to be a blanket.  Sounds like a good excuse to find a spot for my 54 inch Glimakra that has been in storage for awhile.  But that will have to wait, I think it is finally time to put away the wools and alpaca and wind some warps with my other favorites: silk, linen, bamboo and hemp.  And it is also time to get off my black and white kick, at least temporarily.  Lately I have been having dreams of colorfully dyed warps and I need to make that a reality.  Especially with the Winding Roads Art Tour coming up May 21-22.

spot weave fabric

spot weave fabric


magnolia bloom

spot weave-59

cashmere cowl and spot weave fabric and my new black and white linen

mohair cowl

mohair cowl

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