mosaic wall outside Elizabeth Maurlands former studio

Steele Cow studio in Wakon, Iowa.  Artist Valerie Miller
pottery studio of Winthrop  and Sandra Byers, in Rock Springs, WI.

pottery studio of Winthrop  and Sandra Byers, in Rock Springs, WI.
old school house now a pottery studio
studio of Char TerBeest Kudla Fiber Artist and husband Frank

sculpture outside of the food coop in Decorah, Iowa

studio of Scott Allen, woodenware/ Terri Colamatteo Fiber Arts: Scarves and Woven Rugs

studio of Eliza and Todd Persche: Watercolors and Mosaics. And a really cool chicken coop and gardens

 This glorious fall has had me traveling the side roads of rural Iowa and Wisconsin visiting a few of my favorite artists during the fall studio tours, that took place the 2nd and 3rd weekends in Oct. 
I enjoyed talking with artist Valerie Miller, of Steele Cow;  about her lovely cow paintings and her beautifully renovated studio space that was  her grandfathers former furniture store, in the small town of Wakon, Iowa.  I came home with a cow clock and necklace.  This lady certainly has marketing figured out.  Of course if you are going to survive as an artist in a small town, that becomes quite essential. I also brought home a lovely mug with a mustard colored glaze by potter Paul Corbin.  One can never have too much pottery.
It is a good thing that I did the Iowa portion of the tour alone because I spent hours taking pictures of old, derelict houses, while I meandered my way home. I will post some of those pics soon.
All in all, a good couple of therapy days which will hopefully inspire some of my own time in my studio; because making things and enjoying the beauty of others creations, is a big part of who I am.